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Welcome to Ecocapsule®

ECOCAPSULE® is a company that follows a philosophy of strong sustainability. It offers a medium-term accommodation option that takes full advantage of the latest technological advances. It enables people to live in harmony with nature while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

Funded by the E.U.

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Founded in Slovakia

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Our Success

The self-sustainable micro-unit Ecocapsule is known throughout the world. The innovative design, flexibility of use, and technology sensitively incorporated into the design with sustainability at the fore have gained the attention and interest of several celebrities. Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon, for example, enjoys owning an Ecocapsule.

  • The innovative design, enabling living anywhere in the world, has won several major awards, including the prestigious New York Design Award.
  • A world-famous product that has featured in Times Square, New York; Expo 2020 in Dubai; Brain Bar 2022 in Budapest; at the Pohoda and Grape Festivals; and on television in a commercial with James Corden and an episode of HBO's Zero Waste Chef.
  • Marketing with a global reach, great interest from influencers and wide media coverage, including CNN, the New York Times, Wired and NBC News.
  • Customers from all over the world – the US, Japan, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Bahamas, Switzerland and others.
Company History

Our Story

The story of Ecocapsule began in 2009 when Nice Architects entered the Andes Sprout Society Idea Competition to design a small housing unit for an artist. The huge number of subsequent enquiries about their competition entry convinced the founders, Soňa Pohlová, Tomáš Žáček, and team to develop the project further.

In 2017, the company received investment from Crowdberry investors in the amount of €750,000. In 2018, another €2 million was raised to complete and operationalize this complex product. In the same year, the first limited edition Ecocapsule was launched.

In 2021, the company received an investment from the CB Growth ONE investment fund, managed by CB Investment Management, to launch the rental fleet. Since then, Ecocapsule has been placed in a number of exciting locations around the world.


The Future

The first limited edition has already reached customers who have found a home for their Ecocapsule in often exotic locations, including Japan, Costa Rica and the Bahamas, among other places. The Ecocapsule rental fleet is also seeing great interest, whether from adventure accommodation providers, hoteliers or summer festival organisers.

Ecocapsule is now on the threshold of a new phase of development with the preparation of a next-generation product based on the experience of the first series. In the context of changes in consumer behaviour, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are seeking more economical lifestyle solutions, ideally in more remote and natural locations, with a high degree of mobility and sustainability. Ecocapsule is a comprehensive and functional product that is leading the way in this emerging market.

Investors now have the unique opportunity to accompany Ecocapsule on its next journey and to satisfy the relentless customer demand for an improved and more affordable version. The goal is to develop the next generation of Ecocapsule's product, called NextGen, and prepare the company for the arrival of a strategic partner.

Who We Are

Our Team

Tomas Zacek
Innovation Director, Founder
Sona Pohlova
Product Development Director, Founder
Matej Pospisil
Technical Director
Jakub Zlatnansky
Head of System Engineering
Jakub Vaculka
Mechanical Designer
Bohuslav Pisar
Sales & Distribution Director


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