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  • What does the Ecocapsule® cost?

    Our first generation Ecocapsule® is priced at EUR 99,900 excluding VAT. Our SPACE by Ecocapsule® is priced at €69,900; excluding VAT.

  • Can I really put the Ecocapsule® anywhere?

    The Ecocapsule® does not require a building permit but you may need permission from the landowner or relevant authority, depending on where ...

  • Can I connect the Ecocapsule® to an external power and water supply?

    Yes, you can. The Ecocapsule® has the best possible shape for collecting rainwater and minimizing thermal losses. The Ecocapsule® is also capable ...

  • Where can I get the Ecocapsule®?

    You can place an order via the website. We offer three options available: 1. Ecocapsule® Original This version can be exclusively customized to ...

  • What is the Ecocapsule®?

    The Ecocapsule® is an opportunity for an eco-life. It does not need to be plugged into the traditional power and water supply ...